On the left is a stylized "A" and "K" in light blue, while on the right are the words "Albright-Knox."Albright-Knox Art Gallery
1285 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222
A stylized greenhouse dome with an overlaid fern (both shades of green) sit atop the words "Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens"Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens
2655 South Park Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14218
This is a patch with a green thread border and an orange background. At the top, in a white-outlined banner graphic, is the word "Preservation." In the middle is a red fire emblem, bisected by a grey silhouette of a firefighter. On either side are the words "education" and "tradition" in vertical black lettering. On either side of the silhouette's feet are the letters "N" and "Y." At the bottom are the words "Buffalo Fire Historical Society' in black.Buffalo Fire Historical Society
1850 William Street
Buffalo, NY 14206
An outline image of a long building with columns at the front sits above larger words that read "The Buffalo History Museum." A circular postage stamp, which reads "Buffalo, New York 14216, 1, Jul, 1862" is in the left hand corner of the logo.The Buffalo History Museum
One Museum Court
Buffalo, NY 14216
Three red rectangles are stacked on one another at the top, with each containing a single white silhouette of military vehicles. Below the rectangles are the words, in blue, "Buffalo & Erie County Naval & Military Park."Buffalo & Erie County Naval & Military Park
One Naval Park Cove
Buffalo, NY 14202
On the right is a logo which reads, in blue, "Buffalo Museum of Science," with the outline of a dome/planetarium above it. The image is divided by a vertical grey line. On the right is a logo whose words at the bottom, in brown, read "Tifft Nature Preserve." Above that is a green drawing of a plant with two leaves and a long top, surrounded on each side by a brown rectangle with a notch out of the top.Buffalo Museum of Science / Tifft Nature Preserve
1020 Humboldt Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14211
At the top is an artistic rendering of a seal, a toucan, and a lion all woven together by blue and green wavy lines. Underneath is the word "buffalo" in green and "zoo" in blue.The Buffalo Zoo
300 Parkside Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14214
This logo reads, in grey letters at the bottom, "Burchfield Penney Art Center." Centered above it is a small, mustard yellow rectangle what contains a white design, similar to a leafy plant.Burchfield Penney Art Center at Buffalo State
1300 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222
This logo features the words "Castellani Art Museum" in black over the slightly-smaller, purple words "of Niagara University."Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University
5795 Lewiston Rd.
Niagara University, NY 1109
At the top of this logo is a detailed, greyscale outline of a mausoleum and archway. Underneath the archway is a small tree with leaves. Below that is a grey line. At the bottom of the logo are the words "Forest Lawn. Where memories live, and the stories are told."Forest Lawn
1411 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14209
Graycliff Conservancy
6472 Old Lake Shore Road
Derby, NY 047
This logo consists of a bright red square, which has, in the middle, a white outline of a capital "M" with two horizontal lines connecting the interior vertical lines of the "M."The Martin House
125 Jewett Parkway
Buffalo, NY 14214
In the middle top of this logo are two carousel horses in black, white, and red, with yellow poles. The words "Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum" are underneath in red, black, and yellow, with both sans serif and decorative fonts. The logo also mostly surrounded by a black border with yellow and red decorative, shell-shaped corners. Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum
180 Thompson St.
North Tonawanda, NY 14120
On the left-hand side of this logo are boldface, capital letters "TR." On the right is a simplistic drawing of a pair of pince-nez glasses (glasses worn only on the nose) with a chain on the left side. These glasses rest on top of a small nose with a large, drooping mustache.Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site
641 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14202
This logo has a wide base topped by a dome. On the base are the words "The Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium." Inside the dome is a blue night sky bisected by a simple telescope and scattered, white circles and stars.Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium
Buckham Hall D-wing, SUNY Buffalo State
Buffalo, NY 14222

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